What to expect at your initial visit:


Clients will sit down privately with Caroline to discuss the primary reasons for their visit, and give a comprehensive health history discussing all components of their lifestyle, family history, and other daily habits.

After the interview, objective evaluations will be made of pulse, tongue, and abdomen, and together with the history, a complete diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan discussed. You will receive your first acupuncture treatment that day and discuss other treatment modalities that may be beneficial for your presenting problem, which may include moxibustion, cupping, electrostimulation, or herbal supplements. The entire initial consultation should last approximately 1½ hours.

Continuing visits:


Treatments may be recommended anywhere from twice per week to twice per month, depending on the problem. At each visit, Caroline will sit and discuss changes that may have occurred since the last visit, re-evaluate objective signs, and revise the treatments as the presentation evolves. Follow up visits usually last about an hour.




All major forms of payment are accepted. Some insurance companies will reimburse for certain acupuncture treatments, and you will be provided with a Superbill receipt with the appropriate codes that you can submit to your insurer or flexible spending employee account.